How To Help

GoFundMe Campaign

GoFundMe is a personal fundraising website that allows individuals, groups and organizations to collect online donations. By utilizing GoFundMe as our donation platform, individuals can make donations of any size towards making TeamLYD a reality!

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TeamLYD Store

*We’re currently sold out of Team LYD tanks but check back soon and we’ll have more!*

If you visit our online store, you can purchase a variety of TeamLYD gear and merchandise that will go towards supporting our cause. With your purchase, 100% of all proceeds will go towards supporting the TeamLYD mission and our first TeamLYD event!

Corporate Sponsorship

For more information on how to become a corporate sponsor, please contact Larry Kim at: Please leave your name, contact information, availability and a short description of your organization. Thank you for your interest and your support of Team Live Your Dream!