about us

What is Team LYD

Team Live Your Dream (TeamLYD) is a community of health professionals and athletes who, through direct medical support, experiential diabetes education, and mentorship, help young people recently diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, empower and encourage young people recently diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes to dream big! Through challenging team-based adventures, we aim to inspire confidence in our participants’ abilities to manage diabetes and realize their dreams!

TeamLYD Events

At TeamLYD we hope to further empower young people by letting them tell us what their dream experience would be, and we will stay true to their vision whenever possible.

Once we have reached our fundraising goal, we will begin accepting applications and ideas for TeamLYD events. We will then ask the public to vote on proposed event ideas. Ideas could include anything from playing flag football with an NFL football player to surfing with a professional surfer. With TeamLYD the possibilities are endless!

We want our TeamLYD participants to be creative and to dream BIG! No dream is too big or too small. Once a TeamLYD event has been selected, we will organize a specialized team of athletes and health professionals designed to maximize the experience of our participants while ensuring their safety. Our #1 priority is the safety and well-being of all our participants.

The Team Live Your Dream Story

Team Live Your Dream (TeamLYD) was created by Larry Kim in September 2013. After being diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes as a teenager, this former athlete and body builder struggled to balance his thirst for adventure with the demands of diabetes management. He remembers his first trip snowboarding after the diagnosis:

“I got separated from my group in the back country of Colorado and fell into a seven-foot snow pack. To make matters worse, I was beginning to feel the symptoms of a dangerously low blood sugar. I remember screaming for what felt like an eternity for help… But no one could hear me. I was on my own. Weak, exhausted and in a state of panic, I ate the last piece of candy I had and crawled nearly 200 yards through deep powder until I finally reached help … I barely survived.”

The dangers of living with Type-1 Diabetes are very real. If you are unprepared or inexperienced, you can find yourself in some very dangerous situations. He goes on:

“As a newly diagnosed teenager with diabetes, each and every adventure was a blind learning experience. There was no one there to show me how to prepare for these adventures and how to stay safe… For me, I had to learn to manage my diabetes through trial-and-error. And on more than one occasion, it nearly cost me my life.”

After completing his Master in Public Health and a fellowship at a medical innovation institute, Larry had an idea. He envisioned an organization that would help newly diagnosed young people manage their diabetes and overcome the notion that this condition would limit life’s possibilities In other words, he wanted these kids to know that by being champions of their own health, they could do all the same things as their peers without diabetes. For Larry, his message is simple: Don’t let Type-1 Diabetes put your life on hold. Live your dream! Celebrate life! Do the impossible!

This is how Team Live Your Dream all began. TeamLYD was created to provide newly diagnosed children and adolescents with Type-1 Diabetes a once-in–a-lifetime opportunity to realize their dreams, while ensuring their safety through constant medical supervision and guidance by health professionals and experienced athletes. Through challenging, team-based, adventures, we want our participants to live their dreams and manage their diabetes with confidence!